Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nike : Men vs Women Challenge


The Men vs Women Challenge is the latest campaign from Nike with their special site NikePlus.com. From  March 13 to April 20,  Nike will track the kilometers that were run by men and women who join the official challenge using the Nike+ system.


They have a new commercial featuring Rodger Federer, Sofia Boutella, Eva Longoria, Tony Parker,  Fernando Torres, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.



And there is also a print ad campaign.




 Print Campaign credit


Advertising Agency: 72andSunny, USA
Creative Directors: John Boiler, Glenn Cole, Robert Nakata
Writer / CD: Jason Norcross
Designer / CD: Bryan Rowles
Brand Team: Alex Schneider, Evin Shutt, Megan Woods
Art Producer: Rob Beckon
Print Producer: Sara Southworth
Live Action Photographer: Nadav Kander
Product Photographer: Hans Pieterse




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Monday, March 30, 2009

Ray-Ban Never Hide Colorize Campaign


Ray-Ban has a new creative campaign out in their ongoing “Never Hide” collaboration with Cutwater ad agency. Colorize is photographed by Thomas Rusch, and the prints look as if the images were photoshopped. However, the models were painted in real life to actually look like that. See the behind the scenes image below to understand what I mean. Brilliant! 



See more of the fantastic ads



Campaign Credits

Advertising Agency: Cutwater, USA, Art Director: Kele Dobrinski, Copywriter: Noah Phillips, Director of Print Services: Miriam Lee, Executive Creative Director: Chuck McBride, Creative Director: Travis Britton, Art Buyer: Jen Worth, Justine Shockett, Photographer: Thomas Rusch, Retoucher: Annalena Rumler



The campaign also includes prints with illustrations done by Sebastian Onufszak and Sakke Soini.


And here are two new cool video spots from Ray-Ban



+ see previous Ray-Ban Never Hide virals Disco Ballers & cow giving birth to a dude

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Verbal Abuse PSA by Juvenile Protective Association


These disturbing PSA ads by Juvenile Protective Association visually illustrate that “Verbal abuse is still abuse.” And unlike physical abuse which leaves visible marks on the outside, you are leaving wounds with your words that may take a young kid a lifetime to heal.




These ads were created by EuroRSCG Chicago, USA. Last year I featured a similar ad campaign from Singapore showcasing the damaging effect of words towards your spouse. Click the picture below to see more.



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Saturday, March 28, 2009

German Water Polo Team by Rasmus Kaesmann

Take a look at this playful eye-catching underwater photography of the German Water Polo Team by Rasmus Kaesmann. It was showcased at the Sony World Photography Awards in Cannes 2009.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Fast Food Kills (If You Don't Wash Your Hands)

I like this ad from Ogilvy & Mather (Gurgaon, India). A handgun made of burgers, chocolate bars, bread, cookies, donuts, etc... It could very well be used to bring awareness of the danger of fast food and obesity. However, this ad is about a hand santisizer from Eno...

Campaign Credit

Creative Directors: Ajay Gahlaut, Nitin Srivastava 
Art Director: Krishnapriya Dutta Gupta 
Copywriter: Kanishka Vashisth 
Photographer: Pradip Dasgupta

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Funny Clip :: Twouble with Twitters


Pretty cool animated clip by Current TV explaining what Twitter is all about (just like the recent witty “What Facebook is for” clip)


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Head & Shoulders Can't Erase Your Childhood Trauma

Totally playful and witty Head & Shoulders speculative campaign (i.e., unsolicited by them) from  Saatchi & Saatchi in Germany. The premise is to use childhood traumas with the copy, "Some things even we can't get out of your head." I can see why its not an official campaign, because it doesnt really sell any good qualities about the shampoo, but it is fun & cheeky.

The art direction is by Patrick Ackmann and the illustration is by Richard Wilkinson.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Adidas ‘Be Fast’ Wins Student Bronze at Andy Awards 2009



These Adidas ads by Miami Ad School Europe have won the Student Bronze for Toys, Games & Sports at the International ANDY Awards 2009. The ads were created by art director Maja Grunwald, and copywriter Georgios Kouveliotis. Congrats!



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Music Videos :: ‘Love Sex Magic’ by Ciara & Timberlake


There is nothing really groundbreaking or cutting-edge about the music video for ‘Love Sex Magic’ by Ciara & Justin Timberlake. But for some reason I can’t help but watch it over and over… Go figure!



The music video is directed by Diane Martel and the song is the second single in the American market off Ciara's upcoming third studio album, Fantasy Ride, and the first single from the album in the UK.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Philips Flat Screen :: Careful Brining It Home


This Philips Flat Screen campaign by Academy Art University is the Bronze winner in the Student category in magazines at the International Andy Awards 2009 with art direction and copy by Daniel Pradilla. I love the idea of this campaign which is dubbed ‘Careful Brining It Home.’ You usually lose keys, a wallet or a super slim phone in those scenarios, so the message that these TVs are ultra thin is delivered instantly.



+ see the Mercedes Benz campaign which also won at these awards.

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Award Winning Mercedes Benz Ads


Congratulations to  students Armand Leitis (art direction) and Christian Bunnemann (copywriter) from Miami Ad School Europe for being the ANDY Student Competition winners in the magazine category at Andy Awards 2009 for this Mercedes Benz campaign with three ads entitled ‘Soccer,’ ‘Girl,’ and ‘Shoes.’ 



Their idea is so simple yet effective. The copy “Acts when you are distracted” is coupled with numerous images of things that would distract a driver. Their win has scored them the Glenn C. Smith Scholarship.


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Surreal Music Videos :: Bloc Party Reveal The Sign


One of my favorite British bands, Bloc Party, are releasing a remix album entitled ‘Intimacy Remixed’ on 27th April. And to wet out appetite, they have released a promotional video for the first single off that album, Signs (Armand Van Helden Remix), which will be released on 11th of May.



The video is pretty surreal and rather shocking. There’s a recreation of the infamous Sharon Stone flashing scene in the movie Basic Instinct, only the woman here has a mirrored disco ball for a head and a singing mouth for a female genitalia. Enjoy it below!


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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Ting Tings & Adidas Originals Host Messy Party



As part of their Originals ad campaign, Adidas collaborated with the band The Ting Tings on a rather messy but fun free gig in their hometown Manchester on February 27. The band performed in a special white venue and the fans were each given a clean white Adidas Originals tracksuit. Add in paint guns and pens to the formula and you end up with an artistic mess. Watch the video below.




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Friday, March 20, 2009

A Phantasmagoria Voyage by Marco Aslan



I received this clip entitled Voyage from Marco Aslan and I instantly fell in love with it. Both the photography and editing are excellent. In fact, everything about this clip is soothing and beautiful. Voyage was mainly shot in France with a few scenes in Sao Paulo, Brazil and NYC, USA.


Here is another fantastic piece by Marco entitled Phantasmagoria. Check out more about him at his site.


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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Geeky Music Videos :: Royksopp - Happy Up Here


Very geeky, totally awesome! Here is the music video for the new Royksopp single ‘Happy Up Here’ from their upcoming album ‘Junior’ which will be out on March 23.



And here is one of my favorite Royksopp songs, ‘Only This Moment’


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Monday, March 16, 2009

Two Thumbs Up :: Signs by Patrick Hughes


I really love this short film (12 minutes long) Signs by Australian director Patrick Hughes. It will be presented in the upcoming Schweppes Short Film Festival. The film has no dialog between the two main characters, just a soundtrack. Communication is done by signs, facial expressions and scrabbles on papers. The movie is pretty emotional, depressing and sweet at the same time.  I highly recommend you watch it.  


Signs is produced by Publicis Mojo and @RadicalMedia and if you like the soundtrack, you can get it here.

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Mahou Premium Light Beer :: Lighter World Commercial


In order to promote Mahou Premium Light, a new beer with 35% less calories, ad agency El Laboratorio commissioned director Nico Caicoya to portray the concept ’There’s a lighter world.’  Shot in Prague, that concept is expressed in this commercial with two dancers that are so light, they defy gravity. The trick however is that no post-production effects were used. So how did they do it? They utilized  a specially custom-designed rotating set. So when you see the dancers dancing on the walls, both the set and the camera were rotated upside down.



For those curious to know, the background music is by Lost Fingers.

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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cool Animation :: What Facebook is For

Very cool animation, and pretty true!

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Nestea :: You Are What You Drink


I love this ad for Nestea by Nestle. Sure, the idea of ‘you are what you eat or drink’ is pretty jaded but I love how they made the face of the straws.  The ad was created by Publicis Venezuela with a creative team that includes Harold Gonzalez, Demian Campos, Jose bajares, Manuel Fleitas, Prato Maru, Douglas Rios, and Eduardo Capuano.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bangin' Music :: Frankmusik – Rehab (Amy Winehouse Cover)


The fantastic Frankmusik has done an electrofied cover of the song Rehab by Amy Winehouse. It’s a must hear.


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Pink & Ricky Gervais in PETA 'Stolen For Fashion' Ad


Singer Pink and the extremely funny British actor Ricky Gervais collaborate with PETA on this new spot ‘Stolen for Fashion’. The stars play two animal characters who were robbed of their skin and fur by the fashion industry. They confront the people who buy these blood-smeared goods (and consequently keep the bloody business rolling), and they are not happy!



The spot was directed by Ross Ludwig and Shawn Preston with CGI animation by Method Studios and editing by Optimus.


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Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 Paris Show


Wow. Alexander McQueen has left me speechless with his Fall/Winter 2009 runway presentation during Paris Fashion Week. I don’t think I can describe the look even if I tried. The artist who did the makeup, Peter Philips, explains the look: “We were inspired by clowns, divas and Pierrot, with a bit of Joan Crawford thrown in." Make sure you check out the video at the end of the post.


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