Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shot in the Back of the Head by Moby

Check out the new music video for Moby's "Shot in the Back of the Head" directed by the legendary David Lynch. The song is from Moby's upcoming album "Wait for Me" out June 30.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Museum of Sex Wants You to Blow

(Note: I removed the images upon a request by Apoorva Kale from Lowe New York. Something about "a few internal issues with the publication of the ad.", whatever that means... To give you an idea of what it was about, it involved a balloon with the image of a man printed on it, so when you blow the balloon it looked as if you were giving oral sex to the man.)

How clever are these creative 'flyers' that the Museum of Sex, NY used to promote its exhibition "Exploring the pleasure of Oral Sex"? You have to blow the balloon to read the exhibit info. The campaign was created by Lowe, NY.

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Scrabble :: The Beautiful Word Campaign

Scrabble is celebrating their 60th anniversary with a cool campaign entitled "The Beautiful Word". The commercials are very fast and cool, here is a compilation of some of them put together. They were done by OGILVY & MATHER, Paris. Enjoy!

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The Girl & The Robot LIVE

An amazing live performance by Robyn & Röyksopp of their song "The Girl and the Robot" at Senkveld. This is Röyksopp's first live TV performance in 7 years.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Dutch Comedy Centeral ‘Enjoy Daily’ Commercial


Totally fun commercial from Dutch Comedy Central showing that you can’t help but laugh, even with a mouthful of water. Captured in slow-mo of course! The spot was directed by Nate Naylor for Modernista! ad agency.


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Give Me Freedom!


Some days when I have bad internet connection, I totally feel like this! This is a new ad from Swedish service provider Karlstads Stadsnät by ad agency Spenat, Karlstad, Sweden. It asks the question, “How much freedom does your broadband provider offer?”


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Nike Bear Butte Running Naked Camp


Nike are flowing their men vs. women campaign with a fun campaign to launch their Nike Free 5.0 shoes. Check out their Bear Butte Running Camp campaign featuring some world champion athlete, all naked of course! The idea? The shoe is so good and light, it’s like running barefoot.




And here is a different version with Nick Symmonds



And if you wanna get technical, here’s more info about the Nike Free 5.0.




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Cutesy Safe Sex PSA Ads


Pretty cute and witty PSA ads from Quebec Coalition Against AIDS showing that you should protect your life the same way you protect your prized possessions.



Advertising Agency: Marketel, Montréal, Canada
Creative Director / Copywriter: Sébastien Pelletier
Art Director: Geneviève Robert
Photographer: Martin Girard


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Got Milk? Ad by Hugh Jackman as Wolverine


Check out the new Got Milk? Body by Milk ad featuring Wolverine, the X-Men character played by actor Hugh Jackman. See the one by Batman from last year here.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hitler & Bin Laden Sperm!!

These ads for Extra Safe Latex Condoms by Doc Morris Pharmacies made me laugh so hard. I think for many people, the possibility of having a kid, any kid, is scary enough. Now, imagine if your kid will grow up to be like Adolf Hitler, Osama bin laden or Kim Jong-Il? Yeah, I'll have a dozen of these condoms, please!

The ads were created by Grey Worldwide (Düsseldorf, Germany), 

Creative Directors: Lindsay Cullen, Jörn Sonnenberg
Art Director: Eric Straub
Copywriter: Jörn Sonnenberg
Illustrator: Klaus Knuth

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

SNL Presents The Fast and The Bi-Curious


Saturday Night Live did a hilarious parody of the movie The Fast And The Furious. The SNL clip is done by Andy Samberg and Seth Rogen and is entitled, ‘The Fast and The Bi-Curious.’ Check it out below.


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Blush Lingerie Stimulating Financial Crisis Alternative


German underwear brand Blush Lingerie has an alternative to spending millions and trillions of dollars on a stimulus package… Just spend $99.90 on their underwear and you can get stimulation, guaranteed!




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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Solo Man Bib ‘Mansforms’ You Into a Real Man


The Solo Man Bib is a hilarious ad campaign by Solo, the real man thirst crusher, that invites men to go back to being REAL men. And that means no more day spas, talking about your feelings, and most importantly no more waxing your chest hair. Solo is an Australian carbonated lemon-flavored soft drink manufactured by Cadbury Schweppes.



The Solo Man Bib was designed exclusively for the Australian international twenty/20 cricket series. It helped ‘mansform’ supporters into men with manly chests.



Campaign credits


Ad agency:  Lifelounge, Melbourne, Australia.
Creative Director / Copywriter: Daniel Pollock
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: David Ponce de Leon
Designer: Michael Pham

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Welcome To England by Tori Amos


Tori Amos, who is one of my all time favorite musicians, has just released the music video for the song “Welcome To England”. It’s the first single off her upcoming album, “Abnormally Attracted to Sin.” Check out the fantastic video below.


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Smoking = Death


Such a simple yet effective ad. No need for a copy or anything. the message is clear, smoking = death. The ad is for The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and was done by CHI&Partners, London, UK.


Creative Director: Ewan Paterson | Art Director: Dave Masterman |  Copywriter: Ed Edwards | Photographer: Stock | Designer: Kylie McLean


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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be friends


Check out this new piece from the design master Ron Arad. The 2009 design is entitled, ‘Oh, the farmer and the cowman should be friends.’ It will be showcased among other new Ron Arad pieces at the Timothy Taylor Gallery in London between 8 April  and 9 May 2009.

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Music :: Robyn & Royksopp – The Girl & The Robot


I love the music video for the song ‘The Girl and the Robot’ by Robyn and Royksopp. The Frankenstein theme fits the beats and lyrics perfectly. It is set to be the second single from  Royksopp’s Junior album, following the first single ‘Happy Up Here’ (see that geeky video here).



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Music :: Findlay Brown, That’s Right


I was recently introduced to the music of British singer and songwriter Findlay Brown by my friend Marie who worked with him on a ‘fun documentary’ entitled "Findlay Brown That's Right" that was shot on location in LA and NYC during a recent trip to America in February 2009. And I must say that I was instantly charmed by Findlay’s soulful voice and great songwriting.



‘Love Will Find You’ is the name of the new album coming soon from Findlay Brown (June 2009 in the United States). The album was produced by Bernard Butler (Suede) and carries influences from a wide array of performers, ranging from Phil Spector and Ennio Morricone to Roy Orbison and The Beatles.



Funnily enough, ‘Love Will Find You’ came together while Findlay was stuck on his sister's couch nursing a broken leg stemming from being run over by a cab driver!


"I'd already started going back and listening to a lot of records I'd grown up on, like Elvis Presley, soul music, doo wop, Phil Spector, The Righteous Brothers and the like,” explains Findlay.


“I had an idea about making a modern record influenced by the songwriting of the late 50's and early 60's. I just started writing, trying to work out what made a universally great song, like 'Stand By Me'. These new songs are the first part of that process."


Check out the new official music video for his upcoming single ‘Love Will Find You,’ and make sure to check the  banging ‘Weirdo Police Remix’ on his myspace page.



And here is the trailer of the documentary "Findlay Brown That's Right" which I told you about.



You will soon be seeing Findlay Brown performing live on the David Letterman show. He will also be doing a few gigs in the U.S. in April. And I believe we will be seeing and hearing a whole lot more from this new talent in 2009.

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