Saturday, March 1, 2008

Well, at least he drives a Prius

Awesome unsolicited Toyota Prius ads by David Krulik.

Created as a personal project and a way to showcase his talent and enrich his portfolio, Krulik's ads are more interesting and exciting than most official Toyota ads. Invariably, there was controversy about the ad's sinful nature (Killer, Lover, Prostitute) and some argued that they were sexist and portrayed women in a bad light (!?, the men are the ones depicted doing all these immoral acts).

I personally love the twisted sense of humor and think it is what makes them cool and fun (click on each image for full version). Also, the project as a whole is a great example of creating hype and spreading word of mouth about yourself.
Fun Trivia: art director Krulik himself played the dead body in the Killer ad.
Credits: Art direction by David Krulik, photography by Luke Stettner.


Anonymous said...

kool ads

Anonymous said...

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Brainy Blonde said...

great ads! it inspires me to do something like this with my green (literally and figuratively) prius...

i'll put it up on my blog if i do one .

;) Bb

AA said...

Hiya BB, make sure to send me a link when you do :)