Saturday, March 1, 2008

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The Bookseat by Fishbol is perfect for keeping your books and magazines organized and within easy reach. Here are some cool furniture designs foor all you book lovers. Enjoy.

Utilizing Limited Spaces - Staircase Library (GALLERY)

London is one of the most expensive cities when it comes to apartments and houses. Limited by space, the architect designing the apartment for an Austrian couple living in London came up with the idea of a 'library staircase' to meet the client's desire for a large library. English oak stair treads … [More]

Table for The Book Lovers - The 'Ex Libris' 2008 by MOCO (GALLERY)

Inspired by its own 2004 Ptolomeo and Ptolomeo Wall book shelf designs, Italian company MOCO presented a new table design, the Ex libris, at the Maison&Object in France, January 25-29, 2008. A very cool design that will bring a library-chic look to your study or living room, as long as you have eno… [More]

Wardrobe Chair Concept - Chair with Built-in Hanger and Bag Space

Erohina Yulia has designed a functional chair that enables you to store your coat and bag/luggage inside the chair itself. This chair may be very useful in resturants and Cafe's where you can conveniently hang your coat and put your bag inside the chair you are sitting on. [More]

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