Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pepsi Raw Ads

Pepsi is embracing the flesh in the new ads for Pepsi Raw, which invite you to 'Go Natural' as a play on the natural ingredients in Pepsi Raw.  BBDO UK has done a much better job than BBDO Düsseldorf's recent disastrous Pepsi Max suicide campaign. This new Pepsi Raw is edgy yet not offensive. The ads use copies that are painted on the naked models' bodies, such as, "Do what comes naturally", "Go raw as nature intended", and "Embrace nature, go raw." They might be a bit cheesy, but c'mon, it's an ad for a soft drink... 

The ads were photographed by Nadav Kander for Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, UK.

Well done, I say. Click the images for bigger versions (you are welcome!)

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Anonymous said...

Wow i love this ads so smart
btw i like coca cola lol