Monday, December 8, 2008

Review: Cipher Fall 2008 Sneaker Collection

I was recently approached to review the new Fall collection by Hong Kong-based sneaker brand Cipher. I was pretty busy setting up my new blog, Fashiontography, so I only got to it this past weekend. And I must say I am totally fascinated by the collection, as I am sure any sneaker lover would be. 

The uniqueness of this sneaker collection is the personality and thought that went into each design with inspiration ranging from Oscar Wilde to Vivienne Westwood and punk music.

Here is a fast introduction to the three new models in the Fall collection.

The Libertine is inspired by Oscar Wilde and his 'treatise on aesthetics with a street culture edge'. The design of the Libertine is a high fashion fusion of flamboyance and urban-street culture. Personally, I think the brilliance of this model is the contrast of the simple design with bold daring colors and the luxurious imported silks used on the outside.

An even more exciting and eye-catching sneaker is the Seditionary. Inspired by the famous retail location founded by Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McClaren, the Seditionary is all about Punk music. The Punk nostalgia is evident in the metal buckles and the Bondage Black and Siouxie Pink colors.

The third model, the Subterranean is my favorite one. According to the press release it is, "Inspired by the fluid dynamic movement of the fathers of the “Beat” generation; The Subterranean is a manifestation of the underground intellectual movement that stirred the American cultural awakening of the 1950’s and beyond."

What I like about the Subterranean is that it fuses high fashion, functionality, and comfort into a single design. When it comes to sneakers, my first priority is comfort and functionality, so when you add a touch of high fashion, you end up with a winning formula.

+ Go to Cipher official site Cipherism to see more


Anonymous said...

Wow so kool
i have a 14 years old sis her name is Sara she loves Sneakers as much i love make up lol
After that post she fell in love with ur blog lol 4reall

AA said...

Hahaha, I am glad your sister enjoyed the post. I am not obsessed with sneakers, but these cipher designs bring a very cool fashions sense to the sneakers in a way that makes them more than just shoes. It's a fusion of fashion and music and culture. Thats what interested me.