Friday, February 29, 2008

How DaftPunky >> Kap10kurt Music Video

Synopsis :In a world full of danger, where music is banned by an evil militia, Kap10Kurt, an easy-going hero, helped by his sexy mate Leah, will blow up this Machiavellian conspiracy.... Continue reading this post...

Durex >> Whatever is On Your Mind

Fun Cool Ad

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Viktor & Rolf >> 'NO' Paris Show

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Legal Free Download >> Scissor Sisters MashUp Album

A full free mashup album of Scissor Sisters VS Lauryn Hill VS Nine Inch Nails VS Chemical Brothers VS The Beatles VSGeorge Michael VS Aretha Franklin VS R. Kelly featuring Jay-Z VS Air VS Pink Floyd VS Guns'n Roses VS John Legend VS David Guetta VS Chromeo VS Lil' Mama and many more.

See the track listing and more info at the album's official site.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

U Know Me Better

Words can not describe the awesomeness of Róisín Murphy, so I will let the music speak for it self. Check out her new single You Know Me Better. The remixes are just ok, with Toddla taking the prize. Make sure to check a superb fan made video for the song (official vid should be out soon), and a totally hilarious video of Róisín in a street performance of the song. Only Róisín can have such guts to do this.


+ Róisín Murphy - You Know Me Better (EXTRA HOT)

+ Róisín Murphy - U No Me Better (Trevor Loveys Remix)

+ Roisin Murphy - U No Me Better(Toddla T Nu Remix) (HOT)

+ Róisín Murphy - U No Me Better (Nightmoves Remix)

+ Róisín Murphy - Let Me Know (EXTRA HOT)

Here is the fun street performance

Here is an excellent fan made video for the song

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trends >> vol3 >> Scientific Advances

Welcome to another collection of new trends I wrote for Trend Hunter Magazine. This volume is about new breakthroughs in science and technology that will have a big effect on our life and the products we use in the near future. You can see my other trend collections here and my complete trend portfolio here.

Transforming Self-Cleaning Phone - Nokia Morph Concept (GALLERY)

(TREND HUNTER) Super cool! The cutting-edge Nokia Morph concept phone uses nanotechnology based flexible materials, transparent electronics and self-cleaning surfaces to produce a mobile device that is “... stretchable and flexible, allowing the user to transform their mobile device into radically different shap… [More]

Magical Glass Concept - Tablet Tells You About What You See (GALLERY)

(TREND HUNTER) I instantly fell in love with this concept. Imagine having a magical glass with you that you can use to obtain information about anything you see. The thin ultra-connected tablet device really is like a magical glass, a window to the world. … [More]

Phone, Computer & More Under Your Skin - Digital Tattoo Interface

(TREND HUNTER) The Greener Gadgets Conference had some really interesting concepts. Take this concept by Jim Mielke for example; a gadget that is 'tattooed' under your skin and runs on blood by turning glucose and oxygen into electricity. It is an electronic interface embedded under the skin that… [More]

Photography Breakthrough - New Camera Chip Takes 3D Photos (GALLERY)

(TREND HUNTER) We usually think of photos as a two-dimensional representation of a scene. However, Stanford University researchers have developed an image sensor that adds a third dimension by judging the distance of subjects within a snapshot. The new technology is called 'multi-aperture image… [More]

Record-Setting Intense Laser - HERCULES

(TREND HUNTER) The University of Michigan has developed a record-setting intense laser, HERCULES, that could help scientists develop better proton and electron beams for radiation treatment of cancer and explore new frontiers in science. This intensity is… [More]

Humanroid Plays Back Your Dream - Sleep Waking (VIDEO)

(TREND HUNTER) I am not exactly sure I would want most of my dreams or nightmares reenacted. Fernando Orellana and Brendan Burns have designed 'Sleep Waking', a humanoid that actually plays back sophisticated dream interpretation results… [More]

Wiperless Windshield - Hidra Concept Car

(TREND HUNTER) I personally hate windshield wipers, so I am glad to report that, thanks to nanotechnology advances, Italian car designer Leonardo Fioravanti has developed a prototype concept car, Hidra, with a self-cleaning windshield that doesn’t need wipers… [More]

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Catfight >> The Battle Begins

Finland's Next Top Model
Advertising Agency: hasan & partners, Finland
Art Director: Mikael Nemeschnaksy
Copywriter: Saku Everi
Photographer: Petrus Olsson

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Does The Ad Work? >> Olla Condoms

"The day after is more relaxed for those who wear condoms"
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Controversial Ads >> Running Free Support Bras

Running Free 

"Support bras, now available." Brilliant!
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THE Best Album of 2007 >> Alive 2007




Daft Punk's Alive 2007 is hands down my absolute favorite 2007 album. It was released on November 19, 2007. It is the second album recorded live by Daft Punk, following Alive 1997. Alive 2007 features their performance at Bercy in Paris from June 14, 2007.

The live album takes awesome Daft Punk songs and magically makes them much more awesome. Each song contains elements of a couple of Daft Punk songs, and you can hear the raw energy and feel it in your body. Even if you are not a Daft Punk fan, you have to listen to these.



+ Daft Punk - Around The World Harder Better Faster Stronger

+ Daft Punk - Television Rules The Nation Crescendolls

+ Daft Punk - One More Time Aerodynamic

+ Daft Punk - Touch It Technologic Continue reading this post...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Funny Ads >> Chevrolet Service Center

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Dead Icons in New Ads >> Vinyl Never Dies

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Sunday, February 17, 2008




I must admit that even with all the critical acclaim it garnered, I only liked a few songs off M.I.A's KALA album. But these few songs were absolutely amazing. Jimmy is one of those songs that grab you from the first listen and do not let go. The song is a complete paradox. Musically, it is so upbeat and happy. Yet, the lyrics combine the traditional decades old Indian folklore song with some serious stuff like the start of the song:

'When you go Rwanda Congo, Take me on ya genocide tour,

Take me on a truck to Darfur, Take me where you would go'



M.I.A - Jimmy (Dan Carey Radio Remix)

M.I.A - Jimmy

Of Montreal - Jimmy (very interesting & cool mellow cover)

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Dolce & Gabbana Women SS08 Ads

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Cool Ads >> Bubble Gum

What a creative ad! Arcor bubble gum.
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Friday, February 15, 2008

Trends >> vol2 >> Hot New Phones

Last week was the Mobile World Congress, where companies unveiled their new phones. Here are some hot new phones and phone concepts. Enjoy.

High-End Photography in Your Phone - New Cybershot C902 & C702 (VIDEO)

(TREND HUNTER) If you love taking pictures anytime on the spot, Sony Ericsson is promising best-in class picture quality beyond just megapixels with the new C702 Cyber-shot™ and C902 Cyber-shot™. The models, presented at the Mobile World Congress in Spain, build on the Cyber-shot™ legacy by adding a few ne… [More]

Multimedia Computer Phone - The Nokia N96 Super Mobile (VIDEO)

(TREND HUNTER) Nokia has the right to insist on calling it a "multimedia computer" rather than a phone. Nokia unveiled the highly anticipated N96 dual slider at Mobile World Congress. The N95 successor packs powerful punches with 16GB of storage internally in addition to a microSD slot (take that iPhone), a 5 mega… [More]

Touchscreen Smartphones for the Masses - New Sony Ericsson G900 & G700 (VIDEO)

(TREND HUNTER) Finally, we don't have to shell out more than $500 to have a powerful phone. Sony Ericsson announed a new G line of touchscreen smartphones for the masses. The first G-models, G900 and G700, were unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, Spain. The G700 is here to he… [More]

Nokia's Green Phone - 'Remade'; is All Recycled (GALLERY)

(TREND HUNTER) It doesn't get any greener than this. A mobile phone made entirely from recycled material. Nokia unveiled 'remade', an environment friendly phone concept at the Mobile World Congress. The silver-coloured handset's chasis is made with plastic from drink bottles while its rubber keypad is made from o… [More]

New Hands-Free Concept - The Tie Up

(TREND HUNTER) I fully support this. I am tired of people walking around with weird-looking hands-free gadget stuck in their ears. The Tie Up is a new concept for hands-free communication that tackles the problem of poor sound quality (e.g., echo, speakerphone effect) while having a stylish design derived from a b… [More]

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Britney's Law, Bitch

Finally, something good comes out of the Britney madness. A much needed new paparazzi law is being set up. About time! read the article below, and get this hot hot hot mix of 'Piece of Me'.


+ Britney - Piece Of Me (Tiesto Radio Edit) EXTRA EXTRA HOT

Anti-Paparazzi Law Proposed - 'Britney's Law'

(TREND HUNTER) With the recent drama surrounding Britney Spears, the world's awareness was raised concerning the issue of how close paparazzi can get to the celebrity and how far they could push the privacy and public safety envelope. It was 11 years ago when Princess Diana died of severe injuries… [More]
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Amazing >> Daft Punk on TV

Daft Punk's FIRST EVER live TV performance! If you do not like Kanye West, fast forward to the 2:40 minute pointer to see the amazing awesomeness.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Falafel Revolution

New ads by Ghazale Restaurant, a Canadian-based Middle Eastern resturant. What do you think? Continue reading this post...