Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Trends >> vol3 >> Scientific Advances

Welcome to another collection of new trends I wrote for Trend Hunter Magazine. This volume is about new breakthroughs in science and technology that will have a big effect on our life and the products we use in the near future. You can see my other trend collections here and my complete trend portfolio here.

Transforming Self-Cleaning Phone - Nokia Morph Concept (GALLERY)

(TREND HUNTER) Super cool! The cutting-edge Nokia Morph concept phone uses nanotechnology based flexible materials, transparent electronics and self-cleaning surfaces to produce a mobile device that is “... stretchable and flexible, allowing the user to transform their mobile device into radically different shap… [More]

Magical Glass Concept - Tablet Tells You About What You See (GALLERY)

(TREND HUNTER) I instantly fell in love with this concept. Imagine having a magical glass with you that you can use to obtain information about anything you see. The thin ultra-connected tablet device really is like a magical glass, a window to the world. … [More]

Phone, Computer & More Under Your Skin - Digital Tattoo Interface

(TREND HUNTER) The Greener Gadgets Conference had some really interesting concepts. Take this concept by Jim Mielke for example; a gadget that is 'tattooed' under your skin and runs on blood by turning glucose and oxygen into electricity. It is an electronic interface embedded under the skin that… [More]

Photography Breakthrough - New Camera Chip Takes 3D Photos (GALLERY)

(TREND HUNTER) We usually think of photos as a two-dimensional representation of a scene. However, Stanford University researchers have developed an image sensor that adds a third dimension by judging the distance of subjects within a snapshot. The new technology is called 'multi-aperture image… [More]

Record-Setting Intense Laser - HERCULES

(TREND HUNTER) The University of Michigan has developed a record-setting intense laser, HERCULES, that could help scientists develop better proton and electron beams for radiation treatment of cancer and explore new frontiers in science. This intensity is… [More]

Humanroid Plays Back Your Dream - Sleep Waking (VIDEO)

(TREND HUNTER) I am not exactly sure I would want most of my dreams or nightmares reenacted. Fernando Orellana and Brendan Burns have designed 'Sleep Waking', a humanoid that actually plays back sophisticated dream interpretation results… [More]

Wiperless Windshield - Hidra Concept Car

(TREND HUNTER) I personally hate windshield wipers, so I am glad to report that, thanks to nanotechnology advances, Italian car designer Leonardo Fioravanti has developed a prototype concept car, Hidra, with a self-cleaning windshield that doesn’t need wipers… [More]

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