Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Crying Men >> Part 2

After seeing that many people liked my earlier post about "Crying Men." I thought I'd share more of the portraits from the amazing Sam Taylor-Wood photography.

Here you find 10 more actors that let down their gaurd and opened their water fountains.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful...thank you.

Ashivon said...

I am speechless accept for these few words,thank you photographer and subjects.

James said...


Acting sad.

But they're famous!


Anonymous said...

James above me is obviously thinks fame and money make all your problems go away. Yawn
Gabe said he thought of some sad things and he cried in less than a minute. He also thought his picture looked fake. But he said he was really crying. You can't tell. He just looks sad. Well, you can cry on my shoulder anytime Gabe.

Anonymous said...

I really want this book but online the cheapest I can find it is $300!!! I see its out of print so that must be why. Any idea how I can get a cheaper copy??
If so email me wandaroo@hotmail.com with subject crying men

hannahbanana said...

i absolutley love these! thank you.
and want the book. any luck on cheaper prints?

Max said...

I have always been intrigued by actors who can muster a good cry. Men are mostly trained to hide their tears so when a man can get that emotion to the surface, especially on film, it moves me.

This book looks like a fascinating project and I want to thank you for posting some pictures from it.