Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Music :: Findlay Brown, That’s Right


I was recently introduced to the music of British singer and songwriter Findlay Brown by my friend Marie who worked with him on a ‘fun documentary’ entitled "Findlay Brown That's Right" that was shot on location in LA and NYC during a recent trip to America in February 2009. And I must say that I was instantly charmed by Findlay’s soulful voice and great songwriting.



‘Love Will Find You’ is the name of the new album coming soon from Findlay Brown (June 2009 in the United States). The album was produced by Bernard Butler (Suede) and carries influences from a wide array of performers, ranging from Phil Spector and Ennio Morricone to Roy Orbison and The Beatles.



Funnily enough, ‘Love Will Find You’ came together while Findlay was stuck on his sister's couch nursing a broken leg stemming from being run over by a cab driver!


"I'd already started going back and listening to a lot of records I'd grown up on, like Elvis Presley, soul music, doo wop, Phil Spector, The Righteous Brothers and the like,” explains Findlay.


“I had an idea about making a modern record influenced by the songwriting of the late 50's and early 60's. I just started writing, trying to work out what made a universally great song, like 'Stand By Me'. These new songs are the first part of that process."


Check out the new official music video for his upcoming single ‘Love Will Find You,’ and make sure to check the  banging ‘Weirdo Police Remix’ on his myspace page.



And here is the trailer of the documentary "Findlay Brown That's Right" which I told you about.



You will soon be seeing Findlay Brown performing live on the David Letterman show. He will also be doing a few gigs in the U.S. in April. And I believe we will be seeing and hearing a whole lot more from this new talent in 2009.

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