Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Paul Frank Ad Campaign Targets Pervs!


These Paul Frank sunglasses ads gave me a chuckle. They says, “Don’t miss the fun the sun” and show super-bright and whitened-out images of hot girls on the beach. So their message is, buy those sunglasses, so you can watch all you want without anyone noticing what a pervert you are, lol.



Campaign credits

Advertising Agency: K I D, Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Director / Art Director: Puripong Limwanatipong
Copywriter: Vanboon Sankhavadhana
Photographer: 68 Studio co., Ltd.
Designer/ Illustration: Chaiyaporn Benyakusol
Retouching: Somporn Inthong, Wanchai Suttikitiwong

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