Friday, February 27, 2009

Adorable Abandoned Monsters in Meltin’Pot Ads



While the new ad campaign from Italian clothing and footwear brand Melting’Pot invites you, “This Summer, abandon your nightmares.” The monsters and creatures that are used in the ads to represent these nightmares look so damn adorable and cute, it makes me feel bad for them being abandoned!



The  campaign is done by Armando Testa (Turin, Italy) with creative team Michele Mariani, Luca Cortesini, Laura Sironi, and Vincent Dixon.


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Flug said...

Great work !
Realy unusual commercial art.
The photographer must be an genius ...Wonderfull colors and perfect expositions make thouse Pics unbeatable!

Sandy said...

You always find such interesting photographs, very apparent that it is your passion and it begs to question--have you taken what you've learned and implemented into your own photography? If you're a photographer on the side that is. :-)

I've ALWAYS wanted to ask you that but just now remembered. :-)

Hope the day finds you well ~ Sandy

Arab Aquarius said...

Thanks Sandy! Yes, I love photography, that is why I started the other blog that focuses on it.

So far my photography passion is more on the consumption side. I plan to escalate it from a once in a while hobby into something more. Maybe take some classes in the near future when i finish my PhD So who knows, it might turn into something.

Great to hear from you and hope you're doing great!