Friday, November 14, 2008

Cosmetic Transformations by Kyla Legard


We always hear about the negatives of plastic surgery, so I was glad to read an article about it being put to good use and potentially changing lives.


The article I am referring to is written by Jeremy Gutsche, the founder and editor in chief of, about Cosmetic Transformations a company that, “changes lives through cutting edge medical tattoos that cover scars, restore eye brows and even redraw nipples onto breast cancer survivors.”


Read Jeremy’s full article here and visit the site of Cosmetic Transformations. There is no need for people who fought cancer or an accident not to restore their confidence and enjoy their life.

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Kyla said...

Thank you so much for discussing the Trend Hunter article and my company--I'm touched by how many people have responded positively to the type of work that Cosmetic Transformations does. You are right that plastic surgery has received a lot of bad press lately. But for many people affected by trauma or illness, altering their features to restore how they looked before the trauma or illness can have a transformative effect on their lives.