Thursday, November 13, 2008

Controversial Steven Meisel 'Dogging' in V Magazine

ATTENTION: Be adviced, this fashion editorial entitled "Dogging" by photographer Steven Meisel in the new November/December issue of V Magazine is very controversial and pretty much not suitable for viewing at work. Even though it does not feature nudity, the subject and depiction might be too much for some readers, so be warned.

The editorial was shot for Vogue Italia, but it was deemed too racy for the publication. Funnily enough, it has been picked up by American publication, V Magazine. The funny part is that Vogue Italia features much more explicit and controversial themes that include nudity and violence. So it's funny that an American publication is running something too racy for VI.

Anyway, so what is this "Dogging" editorial theme about? Well, turns out that dogging is an increasingly popular trend for young couples in the UK in which they have sex in semi-public places (such as the car, movie theater....). I reckon the dogging name comes from 'dogging a bullet' and avoiding getting caught. At least that's what I figure. If any British readers have more info, please enlighten us in the comments below.

The editorial features models: Daul Kim, Anna Selezenva, Anna Maria Jagodzinska, Iris Strubegger, Natalia Chebanenko, Alban Blondiaux, Callum Turner, Daran Bunch, Jeremy Simpson, Rory Greer, Stephen Mabry, and Tyler Riggs. The photography of Steven Meisel is brilliant as usual with some beautiful shots of the sky and scenery at night.




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Anonymous said...

whatever. they'll be old with back problems some day.

Anonymous said...

hahahha..that is a pretty funny comment.

Henry said...

Perhaps the epithet you are thinking of is "dodging a bullet," and perhaps the practice is referred to as "dogging" because typically only dogs and other animals are indiscriminate enough to have sex in public.

Steve Lafreniere said...

Dogging a bullet? Ha. You fashionistas are as illiterate as you're said to be.

Arab Aquarius said...

@Steve Lafreniere, or maybe as the "Arab" part of the name of this blog suggests, English is not my first language, so I am not as good in it as someone who grew up learning it would be. It has nothing with your theory of illiteracy.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Griffin Mathers said...

Arab Aquarius, I came to comment, then I read the comments already here. Where do such rude people come from? Look, I have a BA in English and have worked for many years as an editor. I would be so happy to look over your Blog, if you are still writing, before you publish; you need not deal with these people who feel that by "correcting" your writing and making foolish blanket statements about "fashionistas" not having good spelling skills, they somehow look better than you. Spoiler alert, brats- you do not.
I know every rule of English grammar, but I also know etiquette, and it is beyond rude to be smug & hateful in a Blog comment.
If "Steve" is such a bloody smarty pants, why does he make such a broad claim and attribute it to "They"? If Smarty Stevey wants to be taken seriously, he really should know that he needs facts, which he does not have.
It takes a bit of time to put a Blog together, and rather than thanking the Blogger, or discussing the subject of the Blog (this is why comment sections exist), I just see rudeness. Well, and a heart sign, which was very sweet.
Here to help,