Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Blog Announcement



If you are familiar with The Arab Aquarius, you know that fashion photography is one of my favorite blogging topics. I started this blog back in January 2008 as an outlet to share what I find cool and interesting. This includes music, fashion, art, advertising, photography, design and just about anything.


After posting many editorials and fashion photoshoots both here at The Arab Aquarius and at Trend Hunter magazine, I figured it is time to start a blog that is devoted to this niche of fashion photography. Say hello to Fashiontography. Fashiontography will be all about fashion photography, which includes fashion editorials, magazine covers, fashion ad campaigns and photoshoots.


I hope you like the new blog, bookmark it and enjoy many creative fashion photography posts in the future.


The Arab Aquarius remains my main blog, and photography will still be a big part of its new content, but fashion photography in particular will  be the niche of Fashiontography.




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