Saturday, February 9, 2008

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Here is a collection of new technology trends that I have recently written for Trend Hunter Magazine. Each now and then I will have a post here with the hottest trends in a certain category. This post focuses on new advances in technology and design. If you like any story you can embed it in your blog (like what I did below), by using the embed feature in the story (Copy the '<--- via Trend' and paste it into your HTML code).

Computer & Coffee on the Go - Yuno PC Mug (GALLERY)

(TREND HUNTER) Java beans lovers are gonna love love love this. The Yuno PC Mug is a new personal computer concept that allows you to get the most out of your morning coffee. You dont have to go sit at your computer or notebook or check the TV or paper. You can start your day in style anywhere you want… [More]

Smart Energy Generation - Revolution Revolving Door (GALLERY)

(TREND HUNTER) What a smart eco-friendly idea. The Revolution Door&apos;s concept is similar to a turbine spinning somewhere deep inside a hydroelectric dam or within wind turbine to generate renewable electricity. New York designers Fluxxlab&apos;s Revolution puts otherwise-wasted kinetic energy from a rev.. [More]

Reusable $300 Camera Pill - Detects Early Signs of Cancer

(TREND HUNTER) In great news for doctors and cancer patients, a reusable low-cost camera pill aimed at detecting early signs of esophageal cancer, (the fastest growing cancer in the U.S.) has been invented at the University of Washington. Unlike a standard endoscope, which can only be inserted into the esophagus a… [More]

World's First Updatable Holographic Display (VIDEO)

(TREND HUNTER) Sure sure, they are saying it's a great breakthrough for medicine, surgery, aviation and all that serious stuff, but imagine the extremely cool applications of an updatable holographic display in multimedia and marketing. Picture a large, dynamic, three-dimensional product display.. [More]

Dump Truck of the Future? - The Super Tipper (GALLERY)

(TREND HUNTER) Current tipper trucks can only unload their cargo one way which usually requires the driver to maneuver the truck ever so carefully. Designer Haishan Deng solves this problem with his new creation, the Super Tipper Truck. With the Super Tipper, door access on all four sides allows it to dump its l… [More]

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