Saturday, February 9, 2008

Global Warming >> Hot or Not?

Check this interesting and evocative campaign by Go Shout. Using sexy bodies and bikinis to make fun of global warming. Hot or not?


Anonymous said...

It's a fuckin stupid campaign b ecause it makes global warming APPEALING. I don't like winter, but some things aren't natural such as hot blazing sun during the winter season.

2 thumbs DOWN for the message.
1 thumb up for the sexy ass blonde eating licking ice cream.

AA said...

Actually, the campaign is trying to do the opposite. They did the video to raise awareness of advertisers using serious issues as gags to promote their products. If you go to their site, , you can vote, and the results will be presented to the responsible organizations to stop this kind of ads.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the follow up, AA.

Despite their 'gag' efforts, I still think that global warming is a serious enough issue that it shouldn't be gagged with. They should choose a lighter issue to illustrate their point.

40 thumbs STILL down in my opinion.