Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kylie Video >> In My Arms + Wow

They are out! Both of them!

Kylie's new video for my favorite upbeat song off her X album, In My Arms. It's fun, futuristic and very stylish with ultra cool glasses and weird outfits. Couldn't have been better.

DOWNLOAD >> Four hot In My Arms remixes in my previous post here

As expected, Wow's video was released right on the heels of In My Arms. This simultaneous release is because Wow is the current single in UK and Australia while In My Arms is chosen for the rest of Europe. I can't say which video I like more, I like the style and avant-grade outfits and look of Arms and I like the choreography and the dancing guys with robot heads (ala Daft Punk) of wow. Well, why not like both!

DOWNLOAD >> Four hot remixes of wow in my previous post here

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