Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Arab Aquarius Edits an Unfaithful Bad Girl

I have this habit of editing some long mixes by choosing the hot bits that I like so they can fit on an audio CD and listen to it in my friend's car when we go out (her player plays audio only). I love mixes, but at certain times you want a short & sweet edit with the good bits. Below are two edits I have made of two hot Rihanna mixes. The original Unfaithful mix is [9:11 min] and the Good Girl Gone Bad original Soul Seekers mix is [6:35 min]; my edits are [3:19 min] and [4:53 min], respectively.


(Sorry links are taken down)

>> Rihanna - Unfaithful (Tony Moran Arab Aquarius Club Edit) 
>> Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad (Soul Seekers Arab Aquarius Edit) 

Let me know in the comments if want me to post the full length remixes. Also if you like these and want more Rihanna edits (I already have Shut Up & Drive, Cry, Questions Existing, Breakin' Dishes & Don't Stop the Music mix edits) leave a comment requesting which one you want me to post.

P.S. Feel free to share the files on your blog but include credit and a link to this blog please.


cedead said...

I can't stand Rihanna. I'm not a hater but I just don't like how everyone does everything for her while she just sings. The Good Girl Gone Bad Remix is amazing. I like how its faster with the beat & her voice!

The Arab Aquarius said...

I understand where you're coming from cedead. I tried resisting Rihanna, I didnt get her first or second album even though I like S.O.S because I saw her as a one hit wonder who just got lucky because she was cute with a hot body. But when Good Girl Gone Bad was out I had to have it. It has so many good songs that I couldnt deny her the sucess she earned.

Let's remember that Rihanna is a pop/dance singer. In this category you can hardly find any singer that writes or plays an instrument. And Rihanna actually sings live and doesnt lipsync in most of the live performance I saw of her, so that a big plus.

What you said reminds me of what many people say of Kylie, she has no talent & the producers mold her into what they want. But I say if you are smart enough to pick good producers, great sounding songs and beats, and look this sexy, then its ok to not have traditional talent when it comes to pop music!

Anonymous said...

Question existing remix??..NICE! hot song. Can u post up that mix?? thanks! love the work u have done so far!