Sunday, January 27, 2008

You're Wow Wow Wow Wow

Update: I added the F*ck Me I'm Famous David Guetta mix!

I felt bad posting mixes for In My Arms (see here) and neglecting current single Wow. Actually, In My Arms was supposed to be the current single but after Kylie performed Wow on the X-Factor and people started downloading it, her label decided to switch.

As the name suggests, it is a fun camp guilty-pleasure. Don't expect deep lyrics, the hook goes 'You got it, You're Wow Wow Wow Wow'. The CSS (from iTouch commercial, 'Music is My Hot Hot Sex' fame) mix is fun, fast and doesnt steer away from the original. MSTRKRAFT on the other hand, infuse it with hot beats, looping the 'rhythem when you're dancing, you know you're made in heaven' part and turn it into a proper banger. Finally, the Fuck Me I'm Famous mix is utterly and completely fantastic. David Guetta can do no wrong! The action starts at the 1:08 min mark.

>> Kylie - Wow (Radio Mix)
>> Kylie - Wow (CSS Mix) [3:17 min]
and the best mix is:
The F*ck Me I'm Famous remix is by David Guetta & Joachim Garraud

The official video is set to debut January 30, Miss Minogue recently filmed it along with the future video for In My Arms in LA, California. Till then we can enjoy her fun performance of Wow on The Kylie Show TV special from November 2007.

>> Visit Kylie's MySpace or her official site
>> MP3 links via Different is Dangerous 1 2


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The Arab Aquarius said...

Thanx sweetie, I appreciate it :) I think I will stick with this black look for a while.