Monday, January 28, 2008

Video >> Darren Hayes >> Casey

Darren Hayes just released the video for third single 'Casey' from his double album 'This Delicate Thing We've Made'. I swear that album has enough good songs for a dozen of singles! The video is directed by Damian Hale of Onedotzero and shows Darren driving a yellow car in a retro-looking racing game. The song is about his childhood with his sister Casey and how he used to go for rides and listen to music with her in her old yellow car. A great tune about childhood memories and sibling bond. Watch the video and download the song below.

Driving in your car >> With the windows down >> And the beat up stereo >> Struggle with this town >> Cuz you love to hate it >> But hate it to let it go >> And we're all alone >> And so tired of being underrated >> So don't take me home >> Cuz I feel alive when you come and save me >> In a yellow car >> We don't even have to go far >> Cuz that song you're playing sounds like peace on the radio >> And Casey when you go >> Can you come and find me >> Wanna be beside you when you leave this town >> I've been waving goodbye >> Pretending not to cry >> I want to be someone >> If you take me away >> All the pain will change >> Into a memory >> Of when we were amazing

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Anonymous said...

I agree there are easily heaps more potential singles from this album, and Casey is just brilliant. Trouble is, Darren won't be able to afford to keep releasing stuff if people give it away for nothing. Support independent artists like Darren and buy the music legitimately. Check out Darren's website

Anonymous said...

Well said. People need to realise he is self financed now and its really uncool to share his music. I want to hear more from him in the future but each time someone illegally shares his music it decreases the chances of that happening.

The Arab Aquarius said...

Guys, I would agree with you if we were living 5 years ago. Most artists agree now that sharing a track or two does not hurt sales, on the contrary, it creates buzz and encourages people who otherwise would not buy any song or album from the artist to listen to his/her music and a bigger chance that they will buy legally than if they cant hear it at all.

That's why nowadays many artists share some of their music for free.

I love darren and his music. this is simply sharing some good music and hoping new fans will come out of it rather than taking money away from him.