Sunday, January 13, 2008

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MP3 Smart Jacket

Here is a solution to the danger of listening to music while jogging (see my previous iDead awareness campaign post). MP3 Smart Jacket (though it looks more like a life-saver vest or a backbag without the actual bag) is geared towards the outdoors activities. It has built-in shoulder speakers, so you do not have to use earbuds/headphones that isolate you from the surroundings while you are on the run. It includes secure pouches for your MP3 player, mobile or other gadgets; volume and track adjustment buttons on the arm and is available in a selection of colors, including the pictured above ‘night safe’ bright orange.

I think this is a great accessory for those who do a lot of hiking, skating or jogging, but I am not sure it would be a good idea walking in the mall or street while blasting your taste of music.

You can find it online at Princess International. Enter MP3 Smart Jacket in the search box.

via Gizmodo

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