Friday, February 13, 2009

Creative Designs by Matthias Lange


Talented designer Matthias Lange has a knack for coming up with creative designs that turn day-to-day usage into part of the design.


CMYK (tableware)
The tableware "CMYK" converts failures and adversities that happen in everyday life into a poetic moment. It consist of a coloured ceramic that is covert by a white glaze. If the tableware breaks due to daily usage, the colour in the inside occurs. Due this patina the tableware can develop a personal meaning for the user.



Smash (alarm clock)
The alarm clock "Smash" visualizes the daily usage in form of deformations on the top surface of the device. The alarm is switched off by punching on the top of the alarm clock. This deformation becomes a sign for the individual daily usage.



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