Thursday, January 1, 2009

Worst & Most Offensive Ad of 2008

So lets start 2009 by acknowledging THE worst ad of 2008. The dubious honor goes to this Duncan Quinn ad which tries to sell bespoke men's suits. 

Now, some people interpret the ad as the woman being dead (and bleeding), while some think she's drugged. I personally lean towards that second interpretation and think that maybe it's a preverse sick sex-game (something similiar to the controversial dogging editorial by Steven Meisel that I posted earlier). 

But whatever the interpretation is, we can all agree that the ad is extremely offensive and sexist. While the Dogging editorial was pretty perverse, it did not have any violent aspect. 

Selling fashion with violence is wrong, even if it's a fantasy. Didn't these people learn from the controversy that surrounded the 'fantasy gang rape' Dolce & Gabbana ad? (see that one below) 

For all of this, I bestow the honor of 'Worst Ad of 2008' to the above Duncan Quinn ad.

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SteveDenver said...

Violence against women is easy and nobody wants to take responsibility for glamorizing it or depicting it. Take the D&G ad, replace the guys with five drunk pigs in a dark parking lot, replace the woman with your sister or daughter or best friend.

I preferred the violent photo shoots in the film EYES OF LAURA MARS (Faye Dunaway, 1978), where it was mostly women victimizing men.