Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bum Like Robyn & Snoop

Remember that FIFA 2008 remix of 'Bum Like You' by Robyn that I told you about two weeks ago? I guess I was onto something, because now Robyn has Snoop Dogg featured on that EXACT mix. Snoop's guest spot is a payback for Robyn's feature on the remix of his Sensual Seduction (Sexual Eruption) mix a while back.

>> Robyn feat Snoop Dogg - Bum Like You (Remix) (Link taken down)

+ More Robyn at The Arab Aquarius


mjthedealer said...

*Big Snoopy Dogg

Arab Aquarius said...

You are right MJ, for some reason I heard it as Bitch instead of Big, I updated the post. Thanks again for the correction!

Anonymous said...

I love the Sexual Eruption remix it's so Hot
i love Robyn she's amazing
thanks 4 the song