Sunday, January 6, 2008

Piece of Britney


It's a sad sad affair at the Spears' household. After recent news of 16 years old Jaime-Lynn being pregnant, big sis Britney had a majore mishap this weekend. The girl is obviously battling some serious demons and mental illnesses. I am a fan and love her music, and I've been hoping that the tide will change for her. But it seems with the way things are going down, she needs immediate professional help or she might not make it to the end of 2008 alive. I sincerely hope she will be receiving adequate help right away so that she can overcome this hardship and be able to enjoy her life and raise her kids. In the unlikely case that you do not know what I am talking about, click here to catch up. It's a clear and simple cry for help. It is not easy for anyone to accept they have a mental illness and seek help. It is believed now that Britney suffers from Bipolar Disorder. According to the National Institutes of Mental Health, bipolar disorder affects 5.7 million American adults. The median age of onset for the illness is 25. Spears just turned 26 Dec. 1.

Interestingly, Britney's current single Piece of Me has her declaring "I'm Miss bad media karma, another day another drama". Amen, Sister. Incedently, Piece of Me is my favorite Blackout song. Get the dance Bimbo Jones radio edit here.

Finally, I heard this emotional cover of Toxic by Yael Naim a while ago. And with what is going on in Britney's life now, lyrics like "Baby can't you see, I'm falling? Too high, can't come down. Losing my head, spinning round and round." have an extra depth now. Here is the video for the haunting performance.

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