Saturday, January 5, 2008

Best of 2007 :: Music :: Robyn

Robyn - Be Mine!

2007 was the year of Robyn. After years of conflict with her record label, she left, created her own independent label and released three hit singles including one of my all time favorite songs.

Be Mine! is one of these rare songs that transcended the normal pop song and moved something inside me whenever I heard it. Be it the broken-heart storyline, the raw voice, or the urgency of the violins that come to life; the song was just perfect. Be Mine! was released in Sweden in 2005, but the rest of the world had to wait 2 years to hear it.

In a recent interview, Robyn says anout Be Mine: “It’s about sad love and a situation everyone knows about — being dumped. I tried to go back to being 15, and being dumped for the first time, when things are so black and white and raw and naive.”

Here is the new 2007 video which I love.

Click HERE for an amazing Piano Acoustic version and HERE for the original (and very strange) 2005 Be Mine! video.

Robyn also scored a huge 2007 #1 in UK with a collaboration with Kleerup. With Every Heartbeat is yet another example of Robyn's magic. It tells of ending a relation, you know you have to do it but you can not help avoid the pain. "We could keep trying, but things will never change. So I don't look back. Still I'm dying with every step I take. And it hurts with every heartbeat". Coupled with an extraordinary production from Kleerup, the song proves that Robyn is no one hit wonder.

If you like these songs, you can DOWNLOAD them at Brooklyn Vegan. Check out Robyn's official YouTube Channel for more videos.

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