Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Goldfrapp Single & Video - A&E

Goldfrapp A&E Single

Here is the new beautiful first single A&E off Goldfrapp's new album Seventh Tree. The sound is a drastic departure from their last album Supernatural. It is mellow, serene and etheral. I am glad they were bold enough to not stick with the same template and had the guts to keep things fresh and experiment in a totally different direction. Listen to the magnificent A&E below. Press play and let it load for a few seconds.

True to form, Goldfrapp provide an equally amazing visual companion to the song. The video is creative in its simplicity and as any great video should have, it has choreographed dancing bush-men and leaf-men!! Two thumbs up for originality and evolution.

For more check out Goldfrapp's Myspace and official site.

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