Thursday, January 31, 2008

Concepts >> Compact Gadgets

This mouse concept makes it easy and compact to carry around a full-size mouse. The device itself is fairly simple: a small flexible board carries all of the circuitry while the body is composed of plastic that can be blown up manually.When not in use, it can be folded into a compact size or slid between the screen and keyboard of your laptop when closed.

Designer Jean Louis Frechin presents a concept (Waaz) of speakers disguised as shelf supports. 'Waaz is a shelf connected to a computer that doubles as a device for audio diffusion and archiving digital music files (MP3)'. It looks pretty slick, and with wireless connection it is a practical concept for sure.

>> Designer:Jean Louis Frechin
>> via pan-dan


Anonymous said...

wow now that's is a must
btw i'm such a tech girl lol (:
Thanks for the advice in did just what u said

Anonymous said...

That´s just great. First I thought it were just a very beautiful and stylish shelf, but there are speakers built in, that´s AWESOME!!! One question left: were can I get it? btw. your blog is also great, nice style and great info.

AA said...

Thanks billigflug! I am glad you enjoy my blog. It's awesome to know people actually read it :)

About the shelf. It's a concept, so it's not in production. It's damn cool though, so I hope they produce it.