Friday, November 13, 2009

The Spider & The Butterfly Glasses


What a creative and fun design by Propaganda from Thailand (note, for some reason the site is being identified by some browsers as malware, but it is a normal design company site as far as I can see, so browse it at your own risk). The butterfly, spider, and spider web glasses look good on their own, but much more fun when stacked together.



Flüge said...

Fantastic! Do you know by any chance if you can get it somewhere online? Christmas is around the corner and this is something one of my friends would LOVE.
I tried to check the link you gave in your post, but Firefox is telling me the side is agressive and trying to install programmes, so I'm a bit more careful.

AA said...

Yes, I don't know why the site is being warned against in some browsers. I got 'brave' and went inside it a couple weeks ago and it seemed like a regular & credible company site. Maybe it has to do with the company's name? Who knows.

I didn't see an online store section in their site, but you can contact them to ask where these designs can be purchased.