Tuesday, August 4, 2009

‘Tonight is The Knight’ For OntFront

I received today a very nice surprise in my mailbox from designer Liza Koifman of OntFront. A load of images of her 2010 spring/summer collection “Tonight is the Knight” which was presented on the last day of Amsterdam International Fashion Week. The Medieval-inspired collection is the most exciting and original collection I saw this season.


According to the press release, “’Tonight is the Knight’ is designed to catapult the bold sophistication of the valiant medieval knight into comfortable gallantry for the modern-day street cavalier. Like the black and white chess knights adorning the collection, “Tonight is the Knight” will harness you with the graceful attire to lay siege to any imposing bulwark in your life.”

Congrats to Liza Koifman and OntFront creative director Tomas Overtoom on a captivating collection.


Sandra Winn said...

Arab...how cool you received the honor of receiving these photos in your email! You're hard work on this blog is putting you out there. I wouldn't be surprised to see you writing for a popular print fashion magazine someday. As far as the medieval fashion...I really do like the look but those gloves are a bit much, lol

Anonymous said...

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