Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WTF :: Omax Lens Ads – Playful or Controversial?


These new ads for Omax Lens must be targeting the perverts as they show that  (thanks to the Omax wide lenses) you can stalk and perve on people in public places without giving yourself away. I must admit its pretty witty and cheeky, but a bit worrying at the same time. Imagine if a knife was sold like this: ‘this knife is really good if you want to murder someone..’ The ads were done by Publicis, India.


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Billigflug Bangkok said...

First I was confused about the ads. What were they going to tell me? Your explanation made me wonder if this camera is really that good or if this is only a promotion trick. I just can't imagine a camera that takes good pictures of the people standing beside you.
The ads are good to show that. The only thing I worry about is, what else do you need a camera, which has no problem with this angle, for? The comparison with the knife is a bit drastic, but I can fully understand what you meant with it