Saturday, January 3, 2009

Icon Tribute Bose Sound System Ads

The idea of creating an image of an icon or a famous person using the equipment of the advertised brand has been done so many times before. Now we have another go at the idea with portraits of Madonna, Jim Morrison & Elvis Presley created using pieces Bose sound system.Not bad, considering that the effort is most likely a student project and not an official ad agency project. (Art director: Nirmalya Chakraborty, Copywriter: Sanjeev Anand)

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sound equipment said...

That is pretty cool ads for a sound system like that. But more importantly the quality of the sound it gives is the key to the success of the company Bose. What people wants in a sound system is the clearness and big of the sound.

viagra online said...

I think doing the icon of a famous person is necessary to use quality equipment. so, the advertisement will see really nice