Monday, January 5, 2009

Hot New Blog: Let Em Eat Cake!

My friend Emma just started a new blog that is so fantastic, I had to write a post and tell you about it. Let me first introduce you to Emma as best as I can, because words can’t describe her fabulousness. Em works as a creative cow in a herd by day and a fierce force at London's clubs and parties at night. She also manages to terrorize and disturb the readers of Trend Hunter magazine whenever she can.  Her new blog ‘Let Em Eat Cake’ is a delicious serving of sinful cyber sweets that are very very bad for you but taste oh so good. There is occasional artistic nudity in some of her blog posts, so proceed with caution but be ready for a fun time.



+ Let Em Eat Cake

+ This Is Herd (Where Em works as Cow)

+ Em in Trend Hunter Magazine

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Happy Hotelier said...

And no word about her knitting habits?