Saturday, December 20, 2008

Me & Kanye West Are Blog Buddies!

Yup, I was ecstatic last night to find out while visiting Kanye West's official blog that he posted about and linked to an article I recently wrote at Trend Hunter Magazine. 

So yeah, we didn't like hang out or go clubbing together, but the man read my article, liked it, posted it in his blog and linked back to my article. So that's kinda sorta blogosphere buddies. Pretty sweet!

Funnily enough, the article is about a door knob that is a light (or is it a light that is a door knob?). See how it went here!



Anonymous said...

OMG Somebody famous here lol
Can't believe it kanye west wow
Congratulation you deserve it
Remember me when you famous lol

Anonymous said...

No offense, but it is not Kanye who is writing his blog - So dont think you guys are buddy with him - He probably dont even know about other blogs than his...Sorry to disappoint

AA said...

I disagree tamereenshort. I've been reading his blog for over a year, and I really believe hes writing it. Do you think he would have someone in his team write about design, art, fashion and furniture? If it was a music promotion blog, I would agree with you. But he shares stuff not about music.