Sunday, November 23, 2008

Arabic Music For The Broken Hearts

Nancy Ajram - Inta Eih (What are you?)

They say music is an international language that doesn't need translation. After receiving many requests from readers and friends to post an Arabic music video, I wanted to share two Arabic music videos that I love. Both arabic songs are a couple of years old about the subject of being cheated on and having a broken heart and they come with pretty cool music video clips. 

If you want the English transcript translation of the above song, you can watch another YouTube version here (I didn't use it because the video quality wasn't as good as the one I used). The second video below already has the English translation. The English translation might not be perfect, and it's probably impossible to find a direct translation for some of the expressions and terms, but at least you will get to know what the song is talking about. The above song is from Lebanon while the one below is from Syria.

Assala Nasri - Asfa (I'm Sorry)

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