Saturday, September 13, 2008

Size Matters :: is 13 inches big enough?

Hi everyone! Sorry for not updating the blog much recently. I have been practically without a PC for a few days.

The display of my notebook of almost three years (Toshiba Satellite) died. Since the notebook is not under warranty anymore, replacing it with a new display turned out to cost almost half as much as the price of a decent new notebook these days. So I decided to buy a new notebook and then either find a used display for my old Toshiba or just get an LCD and hook it up. 

I went back and forth between getting another 15 inch notebook, like my old one, or getting a smaller more compact one. Since my notebook is my only machine, having a big screen is desirable for both work and entertainment. But because I move around and travel pretty often, I finally opted for a 13 inch Dell Vostro which weighs just 2 kilos. I think the portability is more important, and if I find that the small screen is just not enough, I will most likely get a nice LCD screen to hook it up at my place.

The Dell Vostro is not the coolest kid on the block. It is actually far from it when it comes to the looks. However, being a business class notebook, it's performance is solid and its price was right for my budget.

I will be getting it after a few days, so be patient with the scarce updates, and I promise you to have lots of nice posts up after I get the new notebook.


Anonymous said...

Lol so smart
I use Toshiba Satellite for about 4 years and it's work so well
i hate Dell my sister have it it's the worst laptop ever she hate it

Anonymous said...

Good question, how many inches is good enough?