Monday, September 22, 2008

Sarah Palin Glasses - The Political Fashion Phenomena

The Sarah Palin eyeglasses phenomena has me quite puzzled. Ever since Sarah Palin's glasses made their debut on her acceptance speech, the Kawasaki 704 glasses by Japanese designer Kazuo Kawasaki have been all the rage.

I understand the fascination and interest in Palin, she is after all the first ever republican female VP candidate who could become the VP and quite possibly the President of the United States. What surprises me is the insane amount of attention these glasses have garnered. How can we blame Palin for not having much political knowledge if all we talk about is her eyeglasses and hair style?

My frenemie at Trend Hunter Magazine, Going Like Sixty was one of the first people on the blogosphere to write about these Sarah Palin eyeglasses. His article has quickly penetrated the magazine's top 10 of all time and it even got the magazine mentioned on CNN and featured on Fox Business News.

So what about the much celebrated glasses? Well, they are a rimless design that comes in five colors (Gold, Silver, Gray, Brown, Dark Gray Blue) and sell for about $350. See the official site here.

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I agree, these insignificant details about Palin are freaky!