Thursday, September 18, 2008

Music :: Pass This On >> Heartbeats

The Knife is a brilliant band from Sweden that consists of two siblings (a brother and a sister). The Knife are most known for their amazing song, heartbeats. If you do not know the song, check it out below. It's BRILLIANT.  Also check out the strange yet captivating video for their equally good song, Pass This On. By the way, the drag queen is not from the band, she/he is lip synching. The video gets really interesting half way, when everyone joins in dancing.

>> The Knife - Pass This On


Clay said...

I love Jose Gonzalez. Is this a cover of his 'Heartbeats', or was his version a cover of The Knife's song. Just curious.

The Arab Aquarius said...

Hi clay. This is the original. Jose Gonzalez covered it (and it was used in the Sony commercial). I love both versions.