Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The First Taste >> Never is a Promise

Fiona Apple's debut album, Tidal, came out back in 1996 just when I started to develop my own taste of music beyond the popular top 40. I was fresh out of highschool and it was during that time that I started listening to Tori Amos, Bjork and the alt rock scene.

It was two years later, sometime in 1998 when I was living in Jordan, that a friend and music lover (hola Tarek, wherever you ended up!) made me this mix tape (yeah it was when tapes where still used, I am THAT ancient) which contained a collection of brilliant songs. Two of the songs on that mix tape were from Apple's debut album, The First Taste, and Never is a Promise. And as corny as it might sound, I fell in love with Fiona Apple from the first taste.

Even though the songs are 12 years old, they are still my favorite Apple songs, the melody and lyrics are just brilliant. Give them a listen and let me know what you think.


>> Fiona Apple - The First Taste

I lie in an early bed thinking late thoughts :: Waiting for the black to replace my blue :: I do not struggle in your web, because it was my aim to get caught :: But daddy longlegs, I feel that I'm finally growing weary of waiting to be consumed by you :: Give me the first taste :: Let it begin, heaven cannot wait forever :: Darling just start the chase :: I'll let you win, but you must make the endeavor

>> Fiona Apple - Never is a Promise

You'll never see the courage I know :: Its colors' richness won't appear within your view :: I'll never glow the way that you glow :: Your presence dominates the judgements made on you :: But as the scenery grows I see in different lights :: The shades and shadows undulate in my perception :: My feelings swell and stretch, I see from greater heights :: I understand what I am still too proud to mention, to you :: You'll say you understand, But you don't understand :: You'll say you'll never give up seeing eye to eye :: But never is a promise, and you can't afford to lie.

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misty said...

I discovered Fiona Apple not so long ago, but I must say... Never Is A Promise is having a tie with The Cure's Homesick for the title of Greatest Song Of All Time (for me of course :). It's so magical, the melody, the lyrics, Fiona's voice, the powerful energy... I absolutely adore it. The whole Tidal is perfect.