Sunday, August 24, 2008

Distort Yourself = Secret & Lies + Ambulances

I love Gavin Rossdale's voice. His band Bush in the 90s was one of the first bands that got me into the 'alternative' sound. I liked both their raw first two albums and their mellower subsequent sound. After Bush disbanded, I liked his efforts on Institute, which only had one album. I haven't checked his new solo album Wanderlust yet, but I'm hoping it lives up to his legacy.

I've been listening to the Institute album Distort Yourself (from 2005) for the past couple of days on my iPod and I thought I'd share two songs that I like best. They're on the mellower- mid tempo side.

There's much more to him than being married to Gwen Stefani (you can hear her voice in the background vocals for Ambulances)...


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Anonymous said...

Great Voice + good look = wow
he had it all