Friday, June 13, 2008

Top 77 iPhone Innovations

I just finished writing my first ever real SUPER GALLERY cluster at I have written a few super galleries (a trend containing at least 5 other trends) before, but they only contained 10 or so trends

After the announcement of the new 3G iPhone, I thought it was fitting to collect all the iPhone trends that were written at Trend Hunter over the past year (1st iPhone was unleashed on June 29, 2007) in one super trend.

Little did I know that some 77 articles about this damn iPhone have been written, with 23 of them written by me during the last 4 months. This goes to show you the power and appeal of the iPhone. The super gallery has everything iPhone, from docks, cases, accessories, and applications, to ads and the hopeful "iPhone killers" by other phone companies. Enjoy...

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