Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Creepy But Oh So Good

Whooray!!!! This is a legal download blessed by the band. This is the first I hear from this new band, Passenger . And I really like what I hear.

The song sounds sweet and upbeat but it is actually creepy about a stalker following the moves of the girl he likes. Check out their myspace for a more music.

"I see you nearly every night. I see you when you’re down in your house, With my night vision binoculars. I creep as quiet as a mouse. Well I get jealous when I see you stroking his hair. But it's ok I tell myself cause I know it's only I’m not there. I’m the boy who answers the phone. I’m the boy who eats lunch on his own. I’m the boy with the monotone. I’m the boy who still lives at home. I’m the boy with the iron shirt. I ’m the boy who watches you work. I know where you keep your skirts. I know where your secrets lurk"Talk about creepy!

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