Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Great Song :: A-Z

This is simply one of the best songs of 2007. Very pure and emotional. From the excellent album Out Of The Woods by Tracey Thorn (aka the girl who sings Missing, by Everything But The Girl).


Tracey Thorn - A-Z


All this pushin and shovin :: When you need a little lovin :: A little human kindness :: But where you gonna find it?

So you close your bedroom door :: And you kneel down on the floor :: Cause you don't want to get caught :: Packing the bag that your mother doesn't even know you bought

"so it's come to this" you cry :: Not even time to say goodbye :: You pack some cigarettes and an a-z :: Push the suitcase back under the bed

You've been balanced on a knife :: Will the city save your life? You've been waiting for so long
:: Just for somewhere to feel like home

Your life is waiting for you :: Love is waiting for you

So pack your cigarettes :: And your a-z
It'll be just like that book you read

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