Monday, April 7, 2008

Finger Lickin' Good Ads

KFC Finger Lickin' Campaign

Check out some recent creative McDonald's ads and a PETA anti-KFC ad:

2 Creative McDonald's Ads - WiFi + 24/7 Drive Thru

McDonald's marketing team has been releasing very creative ads lately. I particularly like the minmalist and subtle aspects of their new ads. Take the 24/7 Drive Thru ad created by DDB Auckland ad agency, New Zealand for example. You have a car on the road at night with the front lights creatively r… [More]

Racist McDonalds Ad? - Look Closer : Individuals (GALLERY)

At first glance, this new McDonalnds Swedish ad looks very offensive and racist. It says in bold typical McD yellow font "We don't hire Turks, Greeks, Poles, Indians, Ethiopians, Vietnamese, Chinese or Peruvians." But if you look at the fine print at the footer of the ad, it says "Nor Swedes, South … [More]

Shocking PETA Ads - Kentucky Fried Cruelty (VIDEO)

This makes you think twice before hitting up a KFC. PETA tried to run three Superbowl ads that are critical of fast-food chain KFC's (Kentucky Fried Cruelty) abuse of chickens, but Fox Channel turned down $4.2 million from PETA and sent the following statement: "As a general rule, time will not be s… [More]

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