Sunday, April 13, 2008

3 Greatest 4 Minutes Mixes!!!

These are the three hottest remixes from Madonna's "4 Minutes" US CD Maxi Single, which contains six remixes.

UPDATE: Links taken down. Go HERE for downloads.


The Bob Sinclar Space Funk is the most traditional out of these mixes. Sinclar keeps all the vocals (Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Madonna) and adds cool beats for a smooth and midtempo mix.

>> 4 Minutes (Junkie Xl Mix)
The Junkie Xl Mix totally transformas the song. It takes away the obnoxious horns, Justin vocals (with only a small "madonna" shout out at the beginning & end) and it takes Timbaland vocals as well. It is just madonna, and it is really really good, and very different from the original. The action does not start till after two minutes.

Peter Rauhofer does not need any introduction. This one is the most "clubby" out of the six remixes. It's pretty solid with nice beats. This is the one to dance to.

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Denver said...

All the links are dead now. Sad. I want to hear all of them though.