Friday, March 14, 2008

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Welcome to another edition of new technology trends and science breakthroughs. Enjoy.

Amazing Bionic Climbing Robot - C-Bot (GALLERY)

Check out this awesome bionic wall-climbing robot. The technology is based on biomimetics, where the robot mimics a gecko’s innovative foot design as a template to climb walls without any artificial adhesion. Even though we do not see it, but a gecko’s foot is hairy, fine enough to only be seen … [More]

OLEDs Printed Like Newspaper - GE Roll-to-Roll OLED

Things are about to get a whole lot more interesting in interior design. We have already seen the invasion of LED lights into designs and products everywhere. Now we have the world's first demonstration by GE of OLEDs printed just like a newspaper. Basically, OLEDs are thin organic materials trapp… [More]

Robot Creates Clickable World - El-E Robot

This is my kind of robot, not something that will take over our civilization and kill humans, just a robot to serve me and say cool catchphrases (such as "Bob is your uncle!") when it gets the job done. El-E is is not designed to behave like a human; rather, its aim and focus is interacting with us … [More]

Bionic Eye - Retina Replacement Prototype

Researchers at the Boston Retinal Implant Program have successfully developed a prototype for a retina replacement device. The bionic device is the size of a pencil eraser. The device, which is implanted behind the retina at the back of the eyeball, works as a light transmitter. Only patients who we… [More]

Tech To Let Anyone Sing Like a Pro - Microsoft's MySong (VIDEO)

Microsoft Research is developing a technology and software prototype called MySong that will have a huge impact on how amateurs, hobbyists and even starting musicians write music. Basically, the software records your singing through a microphone, and it automatically and systematically generates a… [More]

Surface Makeover - Microsoft Spherical Surface Prototype (VIDEO)

Microsoft's Surface hasn't even rolled out yet, but the company is already lining up a spherical makeover for the touch-sensitive tabletop. According to ZDNet, Microsoft showed a spherical Surface prototype around Redmond campus. It would be interesting to see how Microsoft managed to stuff a rear p… [More]

Amazing Waterfall of Images & Words - bit.fall (VIDEO)

The brilliant bit.fall by Julius Popp --which is currently featured at the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition in the Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2008-- is a metaphor for the incessant flood of information we are exposed to. bit.fall artistically reveals internet-based information generated b… [More]

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