Monday, March 3, 2008

New Free Legal Music >> Nine Inch Nails

Super awesome Trent Reznor is offering nine new free legal Nine Inch Nails songs. The new instrumentals collection, entitled Ghosts I-IV (volume 1 thru 4) is now available in a variety of packages. The first 9 tracks are available for free in a high-quality, DRM-free MP3 format, with a 40 page PDF book and a digital extras pack with wallpapers and icons. You can also upgrade to 36 songs for $5. Click on Order and choose the free option.


Trent Reznor explains, "I've been considering and wanting to make this kind of record for years, but by its very nature it wouldn't have made sense until this point. This collection of music is the result of working from a very visual perspective - dressing imagined locations and scenarios with sound and texture; a soundtrack for daydreams. I'm very pleased with the result and the ability to present it directly to you without interference. I hope you enjoy the first four volumes of Ghosts."

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