Friday, March 28, 2008

Nerd Fashion & Luxury

This one is for all the geeks & nerds out there!

Deceptive Fashion - Dressy Casual Hoodie

(TREND HUNTER) I love this. The unisex Dressy Casual Hoodie allows you to wear a comfortable casual hoodie yet appear dressy with a shirt and tie! With a simple zip-up, the hoodie masquerades as a black shirt with a white tie. Perfect for those stuffy restaurants and clubs that frown upon hoodies and T-shirts. T… [More]

Sitting Like Batman - The Half Moon Chair (GALLERY)

(TREND HUNTER) The maginficent Half Moon chair by Louis Saul was unveiled at the imm Cologne 2008. The Half Moon is designed as a wing chair with built-in skeleton-like bright orange seat cushioning made from sponge rubber on top of black laminated wood boards. The avant-garde design and highly contrasting colour… [More]

Musical Underwear - Store Your Tunes in iBoxers For Boys & Girls (GALLERY)

(TREND HUNTER) If you're the type of guy or girl who likes to be comfortable around the house in your boxers while listening to music, Play Underwear’s iBoxers are perfect for you. The girls iBoxers are 93% Cotton & 7% Spandex for a snug sexy fit, while the men's iBoxers are made from 100% pima cotton for a ro… [More]

Geek Chic Accessories - Pac Man Cufflinks (GALLERY)

(TREND HUNTER) Dubai-based British silver jeweler BeauJangles has come up with super cool geeky Pac Man cufflinks. A must have for any retro game or 70s lover. For $48, you have the choice of two Ghosts, two Pac Man or one of each. BeauJangles describes them as 'heavier than any other pair in my collection.' Th… [More]

Nerd Luxury - BathTub with Book Storage (GALLERY)

(TREND HUNTER) This is totally up my alley! I love reading books, and even though I am a guy, I must admit that I enjoy long hot bubble baths. So, the Biblio free-standing bathtub by Antonio Lupi is perfect for me. Made of resin and wood, the Corian rectangular bathtub features back rest, automatic drainage, com… [More]

Illuminated Message Shirts - T-Sketch

(TREND HUNTER) The fun T-sketch T-shirt lets your write any message or display any logo or picture on your chest with a cool illumination effect. What you write or draw on the integrated chest display is automatically converted into an illuminated message or design of which you can adjust the intensity. Perfect … [More]

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