Thursday, March 27, 2008

Creative Business Cards

La Cambre Architecture (founded in 1927) is the most famous architecture school in Belgium. They wanted creative unique business cards that reflect their focus on "creation" and "practice", so they commissioned the Leo Burnett, Belgium ad agency which came up with these smart business cards.

Creative director Jean-Paul Lefebvre and art director Marie-laure Cliquennois created this card design in the shape of a Lego brick. The contact information is printed on the sides of the brick.
It is a fun card that reflects the "imagination" and "construction" nature of the school.

Check out the also brilliantly designed "another bloomin' designer" card:
Make sure your prospective client would want to keep your business card on their table rather than in their pocket by giving the gift of green with your contact information! The “Another Bloomin’ Designer” business card by Jamie Wieck treats its recipient to an extra feature you do not expect … [More]

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